World premiere in Monte Carlo, Grimaldi Forum, 21 Dec 2012.

Rondo is a rhythm piece, simply thanking rhythm for enriching our lives. In this piece Ekman has 5 pianos on stage which the dancers dance around and play at the same time, creating a musical score and a choreography at the same time. The dancers become as much mucsicians as dancers as they jump and dance around the pianos.

12 girls use their point shoes as tap shoes to create complicated rhythms alternated by fragments from Bach. Rondo was originally created for Les ballets de Monte Carlo in Monaco.


”Dear rhythm, I dont know who or what you are.
Or where you sometimes pop up.
You are almost always around, I dont always pay attention to you… but you are mostly around.
I cant decide in which form i like you the most
I guess I prefer you when you are loudest and the most caotic.
Or else when your simple and slow
I never get to emotional from you, rather energetic.
Sometimes you drive me crazy though.
Just wanted to tell you that I am aware of your existance.
I think you are probably the most importnt thing in order for me to exist.
My heart beat. I would be nothing without it.
So I thank you, and keep on doing your thing…
Your biggest fan, me.”

Poem by Jeroen Verbuggen

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