World premier April 17th 2015 at Operan in Stockholm with The Royal Swedish Ballet!

It is the height of summer, the longest day of the year, and everyone gets together to celebrate the most loved of all traditions – Midsummer. Expectations are high, seven kinds of flower must be picked, schnapps must be drunk, and everyone dances giddily around the maypole – perhaps there will even be new love in the air? It is a night filled of love and eroticism as nature gushes with vitality. The border between the world of mortals and the kingdom of the supernatural becomes thinner and thinner as the bottle becomes emptier and empti- er. Traditions play jokes on us, the world changes and suddenly we are no longer sure – is it all a dream?

World premier April 17th 2015 at Operan in Stockholm with The Royal Swedish Ballet!

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Six short films promoting the premiere, directed by Alexander Ekman, can be seen on The Royal Swedish Opera House website.

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