Episode 17

World premiere; 26 April 2008 at the Gothenburg Opera House.

This piece was one of three takes on Ravels Boléro, featuring choreographers Johan Inger, Kenneth Kvarnström and Alexander Ekman. The event was called 3xBoléro and premiered at the Gothenburg Opera House.

In Ekmans Episode 17, a group of people gather regularly, in episodes, in order to explore diferent themes. On this occasion, Episode 1–17, the theme is Boléro. How should it be performed? How can they understand or describe themselves within this theme? hey have studied and practiced for a long time. In seventeen scenes, crazy wigs and experiments they explore and analyse different relationships, movements, identities, truths and lies. And theatre itself, that of stepping in and out of different roles. Different pre-recorded Boléros are found and gradually Ravel´s is heard too as a bolerian way of breathing …

What will happen in episode 18–35?

The piece later toured France, USA, Germany, Stockholm and Luxemburg.



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